Why a Jailbroken iPhone 5S is still Better?

There are a lot of people that love to criticize the lack of customization options available on any of Apple's iPhones. And while a lot of people were expecting the latest iPhone 5S to be different, Apple didn't really make too many changes to their software when it comes to flexibility and restrictiveness. This is one major advantage which Android users have over iPhone users and Apple continues to ignore this section of the market which they could capture if they just made their phones more flexible.

This is why many iPhone users find themselves jailbreaking their iPhones. For people that don't know what happens when you jailbreak your iPhone, all you have to do is basically install a program by the name of Cydia which basically lets you access various apps and features which aren't available on standard Apple operating systems.

A lot of people consider this as hacking. But in reality, it is much simpler. Nowadays, all you need to do is download software and connect your iPhone with your computer. There is no "hacking" involved. Jailbreaking iPhones has now become so popular that the first question on many new iPhone 5S users’ lips is, "When will a jailbreak be released?" or "how to jailbreak iPhone 5s?" This isn't exactly what Apple was hoping for.

One problem with jailbreaking your iPhone which has kept a lot of users away from it is the fact that you will lose your warranty if you do so. But, there is a very simple fix for this. Ensure you back up your iPhone to iTunes before jailbreaking it. And if you ever need to take your iPhone to Apple in the future, just restore your operating system from the iTunes store. Just like that, you will have a standard iOS device and no one will even know that you had jailbroken it.

The new control center which comes with iOS 7 gives you quick access to some important settings like brightness and Wi-Fi. But it still doesn't allow you the level of customization as if you jailbroke your iPhone. Yes, the new addition to the iOS 7 does help you improve your iPhone experience but it definitely isn't enough to deter users from jailbreaking their iPhone 5S'. If you do a search on the internet, you will find that there are a lot of people that agree with this view. Maybe if Apple added 3G, hotspot and location settings to the control center it would have done better. But for now, many people are still eagerly awaiting a jailbreak.

In the past, Apple has harped on the fact that the iPhone will not be able to work properly with the additional features available when you jailbreak it. I don't hear anyone complaining though. If you ask me, I think Apple should spend more time changing their operating system to include all these features instead of trying to make jailbreaking impossible. It's quite simple really, give the people everything they want and they won't need to jailbreak their iPhones. There can't possibly be a simpler solution.